Virtual Cloud Servers

Powerful servers with high-end resources that will guarantee resource exclusivity, starting at just
Shared Hosting
Starting at:
$8.19 /month
All plans
  • DISK
    250GB SSD
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
    120 Emails
  • TLD
    30 Domains
Dedicated Server
annually get (20% discount)
$82.00 /month
  • CPU
    4x 3.20Ghz 2 Cores
  • RAM
    16GB (up to 32GB)
    2 x 1TB SATA 3.5
    1Gbps - 20TB
Cloud VPS
Starting at:
$9.99 /month
All plans
  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    20GB SSD Space
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
Cloud Servers
Cloud Load Balancing is a fully distributed, software-defined, managed service for all your traffic

Cloud Load Balancing

[1] Users

A load balancer manages the flow of information between the server and an endpoint device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone)..

[2] Load Balancing

Load balancers detect the health of back end resources and do not send traffic to servers that are not able to fulfill request.

[3] Cloud Servers

Managed application networking solution in the cloud that can draw resources from a network of elastic load balancers and servers.

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demands it.

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Your website security is our priority. Regular updates, maintenance, and daily backups are standard with our super fast all-SSD web hosting services.

Perfomance Optimized

The ISHost platform implements a modern and high performance server stack. The perfect combination for speed and stability under load.


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